Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A special prayer for Johnny

Most of you probably don't read all of the comments on our blog so I wanted to make sure that I posted this one from Emma's aunt and cousins:

"Whooo Hoooo!!! I've been stalking my email and your blog for news this morning! The boys and I just prayed for Johnny and this is what Luke prayed, "Dear Jesus, I want to teach Johnny how to play drums when I get older and please keep him away from sharks." Jack prayed, "I want to teach him how to drink water." Love you and miss you. "

Oh, I love hearing the prayers of little ones. Thank you again for all of your prayers and encouraging words over the last month!! We hope to introduce our baby boy to you all soon!


  1. i had read that and they're so sweet! "i want to teach him how to drink water." love it!

  2. That is so cute! I am praying for little Johnny too!

  3. Is it just me or can those embassy dates not come soon enough?!! I'm dying here!! Ok, maybe a little dramatic...

  4. adorable! Pray that your Emb date comes soon!

  5. I know we haven't commented on every post, but I have been praying & thinking of you on all the court dates. I'm praying that everything falls into place and you'll get to bring Johnny home in January. love from the scellicks

    PS those cousins sure are cute.