Friday, August 21, 2009

Hannah's Hope

The feeling of having a child that you know is out there waiting for you and having no power to act is a pretty indescribable feeling. For those of you that are adopting or already have, you know the feeling that I am talking about. I am a pretty down to earth person. Someone that can easily focus on tasks at hand and ignore things that I can not change. This is completely different. We feel as though a piece of our family is missing. My thoughts and prayers are never far from him as I wait for the powers that be to announce he is ours and can come to live with us. Is is safe? Is he well? Is he scared? Does someone rock him to sleep at night? Does he ache for his birth mother? These are all questions that plague me. My only assurance at this point is that I know that he is being well cared for, or as well cared for as he can be in an orphanage. I was going to write a post about Hannah's Hope but thought this video did a better job explaining the vision behind this orphanage and the loving group of people that brought it about:

Click on

And Go to AGCI - Hannah's Hope Ethiopia


  1. I'm right there with all of you! Hang in there. Keep praying, and staring at your wonderful picture. Bring on the court dates too! We are sending out our package this weekend to AGCI for our little guy. Whatever you can fit in a gallon sized ziploc is good to go. Take care!

  2. It is hard knowing your baby is so far away from you. I agree with you. But I can say from experience, that once I was in ethiopia and met all the wonderful mothers who care for the kids and babies all my worries disappeared. They are sooo loved. It really is a wonderful place to be while you await your family :) congrats again :)

  3. Sarah,
    Thanks so much for contacting me through my blog. I remember meeting your brother. Congratulations! My husband thinks he heard about you too from a friend of your dad's maybe. Was he a PT? I would love to stay in touch and will definitely follow your blog to see when you get to go. Feel free to email me too. Our little guy is doing great. The special mothers cried when they said goodbye and gave him lots of kisses and tickles. Your little guy is being so loved.

  4. I cannot imagine how hard it is once you know your child but can't be with him yet. I hope you travel soon to meet him.

  5. Wow! I watched the video today. Makes me want to reach and bring everyone of these children home - what an awesome ministry. We can't wait to meet JT :) Love Connie