Friday, August 28, 2009

Package for Our Little Man

On Monday we were able to send a few items to Baby John. We could only send what would fit in a zip lock bag so we sent a photo album, a lovie and a cute little outfit. We heard from our case worker that this will go over to Ethiopia on Monday so should be there for him soon. He is too young to really know anything but we hope that these items bring him some comfort and the pictures make us a little bit more familiar when we arrive to pick him up.

Emma sending some love to her baby brother.

She gave each item a kiss before they went in the bag.

Financial Update: Thanks to the support of family and friends, we have been given $9,756 toward our adoption with $4,244 left to go.


  1. Love that package that goes over....makes it seem more real, and a least a little closer. Cute kisses from big sis. Congrats on the finances getting closer!