Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Orphanage Donations Needed!!

Baby Formula
Powdered, any brand
smaller sized, any brand

We are gathering diapers and formula to bring with us to help provide for the needs of the orphans at Hannah’s Hope Ethiopia, the orphanage our son is in. These items are hard to come by in Ethiopia and families that travel to pick up their adopted children are the main sources of donations for Hannah’s Hope. Any items given to Hannah’s Hope in excess of need are distributed to the nearby orphanages that are also in desperate need. Therefore, we will be packing light and taking as many extra suitcases as possible filled with formula and diapers.

It is our goal to collect 150 pounds of formula and diapers by November.

If you would like to help please:

Give diapers or formula to John and Sarah Pell and we will pack it with our materials or order these items online and have them shipped to our home. (If you do not live in Greensboro but want to help, please contact us and we will find a creative way to make your donation work).

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