Thursday, October 1, 2009


Update on Baby John T.:

Our case worker called yesterday to let us know that she was sending pictures and answers to some questions that I had asked about our little man. We were on a walk so rushed home and hit refresh on the computer until the e-mail came in. She sent us 50 plus pictures of him!! Some older pictures and some newer ones. His hair has really grown in and he is looking more like a baby instead of an infant. She also let us know he was taken to the eye doctor to what they think is a clogged tear duct which is very common in infants. In fact, Emma had the same thing for about a month when she was a baby. We are of course worried that it could be something more but can’t really do anything else to find out until we bring him back to the states. Hopefully it will just clear up on its own and there will be no worries. The questions I asked about developmental milestones all came back positive. We are hoping that this update holds us over until we get a court date. The courts open next week but we were told to be prepared to wait a while to hear anything as they are really busy when they open back up.

Formula and Diaper Donations:

The donations of formula and diapers have started rolling in. Thank you so much for those of you that have already contributed. One idea I wanted to throw out there: I went to the woman Dr. today for my yearly checkup and just happened to ask if they gave away formula to expectant mothers and if so, if I could have some. I walked away with two cans of formula for free!! I know pediatricians often have this as well. If you are heading to the Dr. any time soon for yourself or your little one and you don’t mind asking, this would be a great (and cheap) way to get formula. If anyone is in Wenatchee and reads this and would like to contribute, Emma and I are going to be in town next week. Just give the donations to someone in my family and we can bring them back with us when we fly back home….

Financial Update:

We are so close!!! Only $900 to go and we will have the amount we need for our next and LAST set of fees. I don’t really have words to express how encouraging this is to us as we wait to know that so many of you are helping us bring our son home in such a real way. Please let me know via email if you will be sending something in so that I can let everyone know when we have reached our goal.


  1. 50 pictures! WOW!!! now you have some new staring material :-) hopefully you're towards the beginning of the list when the courts open!

  2. That's wonderful that you got an update on your baby waiting for you. I hope his tear duct clears up and that you get a court date really soon. :-D

  3. Ohhhhh! Can't wait to see some more pix of him!! And the financial news is AWESOME!!
    I did read on a few blogs that the courts are not opening up next week as expected (due to a training). Here's one link:
    Not sure if it's true, but check with AGCI!
    See ya soon!

  4. Yeah!! Love those pics. Pray that it is minor and he is perfectly fine. Hopefully soon you will have a court date. :)

  5. YAY!!! I know that you and your hubby are looking at those pictures OVER AND OVER!!! I cant wait to meet him! I am so happy for you and your family! I know Emma is getting excited about meeting her baby brother! Thanks for the wonderful updates!!!

  6. Yay! Don't you just love updates?!! I just noticed that you got your referral on our little guy's birthday! They are probably almost exactly one month apart. I'll bet they are together right now =) Any advice/suggestions on questions we should be asking about our little one? Hoping you hear a court date very soon!!

  7. So happy you received more photos of your little man! So many more to stare at. :) I am totally sure now there is a new camera at HH. Our boys are about the same age. Probably just a couple weeks apart. Hope you receive news on court soon!