Monday, June 1, 2009

Garage Sale or Calling all Pack Rats

We are going to be having a garage sale on June 13th to raise money toward our remaining adoption fees. If you have any items that we can take off your hands, please let us know:

Phone: 360.220.5382
Or commenting on this blog

We will arrange a time to come and get it or you can just drop it by the house.


No new information on the where we are on the wait list. We should get a call sometime this week letting us know if we have moved up. We have heard this is a pretty quite time of waiting but will keep you posted as soon as we know anything more.

Thanks to the support of family and friends, we have been given $7,280 toward our adoption with $8,720 left to go. Almost halfway there!!


  1. I am also having a fundraiser yard sale, but mine is this weekend. I have had one other one and it was big success, so I hope you get a lot of donations. They are so awful, but great when they are over. :) We are neck and neck on the lists (me girl, you boy) so I can't wait to see what our June numbers are! :)

  2. Hey! To follow up on your question about unofficial numbers....that comes directly from the Brag of the Yahoo Groups of AGCI families. When families announce a referral on one of the 2 AGCI yahoo groups (List Serv and Brag Site), then you can see how many people are still on the list above you. Have you found the brag site? If not, email me at and I'll tell you how to get just have to ask to be a member and the coordinator of that group will approve you. Then you go to "The List" it's our way of keeping track.

  3. Welcome aboard!! AGCI is wonderful and they'll take great care of you...11 more days until we travel, yeah!!! kristi

  4. Hi, just wanted to say welcome! I saw your post to the Yahoo site. I just recently e-mailed and posted on our blog a support letter...we are all in this together! We are number 6 on the boy list and 23 on the girls, although I think we have probably moved up some, but just have not heard yet. We have a 2 year old girl from Guatemala and are waiting for our next blessing. We have 2 blogs.
    Nice to meet you! Who knows maybe we will travel together...